You want to build your skills. We want to help Savannah build a mobile development community. It’s kind of a win-win.

Mobile isn’t the future anymore, it’s right now. And we think that it’s also the perfect platform for new developers. Xcode makes building apps a cinch, and Swift makes learning to code a joy. Plus, while you’re learning with us here in beautiful Savannah, you’ll be helping to shape its budding tech scene.

Our 9-week iOS training course starts September 18, 2017.

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Great developers have three things in common:

They’re resourceful.

Change is the only certainty in software development. New products and innovations can change the landscape of the industry overnight. At Codebase, you’ll learn the latest and greatest in mobile development — all in Swift.

They’re pragmatic.

Every programmer feels like the ruler of all creation. Sometimes. Other times, it’s 2:00am and they’re banging their head on their desk because they have no idea how to solve the problem on their screen. We’ll teach you how to prioritize, how to find the elusive answers to the tough problems you’ll face during these other times…and when to take a break.

They’re good communicators.

Being a sorcerer of source code doesn’t mean much if you can’t collaborate effectively with clients and colleagues. Your Codebase education will include lots of cooperative learning to prepare you to be a good contributor to the developer community, both locally and globally.

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